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Cluster 001 – The Debut Album (2021)
“Electronic soundscapes, mysterious, almost dystopian atmospheres, 
and volcanic energy!”
These words, written by music critic Jean Claude Vantroyen of Le Soir Brussels, 
truly describe the sound of Canadian drummer/composer Gregory Eric Smith’s debut album Greg Smith CLUSTER 001. The music is intense and driving, yet allows space for hallucinations and dreams, fulfilling Smith’s bizarre vision of a World clustered with off-the-wall sonic imagery and propulsive, futuristic rhythms. A strong melodic line forges through the fray and lets this alternate reality impact and permeate the hearts and minds of the listeners.
“Smith’s music, deep and progressive, touched my listeners deeply” – Jerry Gordon, Evidence Records, and director of WPRB Princeton
“Smith convened the perfect group, integrating compositional rigor with improvisational openness” – Philip Freitas, Jazz Trail NYC
Lineup: Gregory Eric Smith – David Binney – Vanja Kevresan – Alex Maksymiw – Logan Kane