Greg Smith GS

“Smith’s jazz, very deep and progressive, connects with my audience of experienced and discriminating listeners. Great compositions, music to behold!”


—Jerry Gordon, WPRB Princeton 103.3FM

Drummer/composer Greg Smith GS has been active on the international jazz, classical, and beat-music scene since the mid-1990s. His chameleon-esque ability has led him to work with artists as diverse as David Binney, Chris Speed, Reggie Washinton, Sandra St-Victor & Family Stand, and Kori Withers. Smith has additionally developed an affinity with experimental electronics, creating works for dance/theater companies around the World. Now, you can hear this synthesis of beats, pop-ish melodies, electronics, and highly-charged improvisations come together in his debut album,  CLUSTER 001 (available April 23, 2021 via Brooklyn Underground Jazz Records).
The album features the fantastic lineup of David Binney, Vanja Kevresan, Alexander Maksimyw, and Logan Kane. A thoroughly engaging and fun recording, with slighty dystopian echoes. Recommended for the curious listener seeking an alternative, unique voice in the landscape of modern jazz.